Statue Fundraising Campaign

Progress Updates

October 18, 2011

It’s launch day! The day our Laurier community has been anticipating for nearly a full year. The weather cooperated with us an we had mild temperatures with just a light breeze. Several hundred staff, faculty, students, donors and alumni joined Marlene Hilton Moore and Laurier President Dr. Max Blouw to watch the unveiling. To see all the photos from this fun day, visit our photo gallery.

October 17, 2011

It’s install day! Given the total wright of the bench and the statue, Sir Wilfrid Laurier needed to be lowered by a small crane system. We’ll be covering him tonight so that the unveil is more exciting!

September 2011

It’s done! He’s ready to make his debut! The date for installation has been booked for Monday, October 17th – the day before the unveiling!

July 2011

A date for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier statue unveiling has been set! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 18 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the Amphitheatre!

June 2011

The bench is now being crafted! It is being made out of granite, quarried from a spot in Quebec not far from where Sir Wilfrid Laurier was born. Marlene Hilton Moore traveled to campus to place a mock-up bench made of wood in the actual location in the Amphitheatre to ensure the proportions were perfect.

May 2011

Sir Wilfrid is now at the foundry to begin the long process of preparation for casting, and then the actual bronze casting. This photo shows the sculpture in preparation (colour and material differences) before he is cast in bronze. His head was prepared in clay and his body was created using custom period clothing from the time. When the sculpture is completed in bronze, he will obviously be all one colour.

Click on the thumbnail above to see the full figure!

April 2011

Several of the committee members traveled to Marlene Hilton Moore’s studio on Friday, April 8 to check in on the progress made to date. It was such an interesting experience to see and feel the statue at this stage of development.

A video captures some of the excitement from that day, and features an interview with Hilton Moore.

Hilton Moore has sculpted Laurier’s head in clay. For the body, she cast a model in authentic clothing from the period to achieve the most natural-looking pose possible.

The statue has been slightly modified from the original design. Previously, Laurier sat with his legs crossed on the bench, but when the position was assumed by Hilton Moore’s 6’3” model (Laurier was 6’2”), she noticed his foot stuck out too far.

“It was an instant tripping hazard, begging for trouble – I just had to look at it to know,” she said. “To tuck it all in was unnatural, so we just chose a different position of the legs.”

Now that the statue’s head and body have been set, she will begin preparing them for the process that will cast them in bronze.

“I have found Laurier. That’s really the bottom line for me,” she said. “I have found him in the portrait and in the body. He lives for me when I look at him.”